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Certified Rides done:

1000 miles under 24 hrs (1013 miles)

1500 miles under 36 hrs (1849 miles)

2000 miles under 48 hrs (2348 miles)

3000 miles under 72 hours (3627 miles)

1500+ miles in 21 hours (1502 miles) (link to some flicks on this ride)

Other minor rides: Arkansas to Langley, BC

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StraightWings is a supplier of QUALITY used Goldwing parts, for Goldwings in the model years 1975 to 1987. Starting in 2002, we have parted out many "Wings", restored a few which had really good basics, and met a lot of great people, world wide. From repair shops in Argentina to lawyers in Spain, executives and craftsmen from many, many countries.

We have supplied parts to clients in every country of Europe, to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, and many South American countries.

We don't just talk the talk: we walk the walk, and walk it often. We drive a lot of two-wheeled-miles on the road each year. We KNOW what it's like to have a reliable source for parts. We care, and we serve our clients like we'd like to be serviced.

When you get a part from Goldwing parts, you'll know exactly what you are buying before it leaves us. We specialize in Goldwings, typically the GL1000, GL1100, GL1200, although we occasionally have parts and accessories for GL1500 and GL1800. Photographs are available for all items in inventory, and the parts are rated on a grading system, as below.

We don't throw anything away that may be usefull to some Goldwing collector: for someone bringing a bike back to stock condition, or for that daily rider that the owner wants to keep mint, or just simply in good operating condition.

That means that we save ALL good parts: right down to the last grommet, spacer, liner, and piece of stock wiring. If it not available at Honda for the early vintage Goldwings, it's just possible that we have it available.

If you want to check our reputation, go to ebay, look up member StraightWings: We have over 2000 happy clients, many who have done business with us 8 to 10 times.

We don't just sell parts and bikes, we ride Goldwings: just as much as possible! That's about 80,000 miles in the past 5 years. We know where you are coming from: and we want you to get to where you are going. Ride easy with StraightWings.

We fill orders by email, with full pictures provided. We accept payment by Paypal, Money Orders, Visa or Mastercard. We can ship anywhere, in any period stated: so if there's an emergencgy on the road, and you need a part in a hurry: let us know. You pay the freight, we get it there: fast.

We rate the parts after close inspection, photo each at high resolution, wrap them in protective 1/2" bubble wrap, and store them safely. They may have small injuries, and any of those defects are noted. You KNOW what you are getting.

After inspection, we rate them by appearance or by mechanical worthiness, and typically by both factors.

OUR PARTS RATINGS: have been developed over time along the lines of the following simple criteria:

"A+" : RARELY available: this part is essentially new.

"A": Has been used but does not show it, OR is an exceptional quality and very rare part. Good for "show" or "Collector" status in any bike show.

"B+" Excellent part: "Wear" it anywhere. For the rare pieces, could be Collector status.

"B" Good : to go and as good as the parts on most "drivers".

"C": Has minor problems that takes it out of excellent class, but usable and not shamefull.

"D" Will get you anywhere, just is not as pretty as it could be. Should be repainted or repaired, or rechromed: but is in good enough condition for restoration. We don't keep many of the "D"'s: but will keep parts that are very rare when in this condition, and make them available for restoration.

"F" : You'll find those pieces in our garbage bins.

My 83 INterstate and 83 Aspencade in " the Bird Cage"  
' GL1000 78 "Mac"  
GL1100 Aspencade '83 Mine Front right  
GL1100 Aspencade '83 Mine  
'94 GL1200 Aspencade  
80 Standard built in '07 The first bike at StraightWings '83 AspencadeOne of many '83's on the trayThe brown beast: '88 1500/692 "FatBoy' '92 GL1500 SE

Fun Stuff: Motor bench-test : GL1100 '83 Aspencade