Secret Weapons in the war against Breakdowns, Malfunctions and Ugly.


After over 50 years riding, and wrenching since day one to keep the rubber in the shade, I've run into the occasional very rare supply that you wonder how you ever did without. The number of items on this page is sparse, because I do NOT recommend many things in terms of products that don't attach either to bikes, or to the rider. The products folowing are, however, truly time tested, and are STRAIGHTWINGS certified. They should be in every garage, on every work bench. They are as essential as the headlight on your bike.

General Lubricant

Wow: what a lube. You don't put this stuff in your engine case: or kiss your clutch goodbye: it is the most friction-less thing in the world. You DO put it on anything that you want to run freely. ANYTHING. That includes your gin & tonic if you've had too much cheeze. It's a Class 1 health product developed specifically for air-turbine dental-tools that run up to 1/2 million RPM. I use it for every nut, bolt, seal, grommet, or anything mechanical that needs to be rust-proofed, rust removed, rings unseized, slider, mechanisms of all kinds. Dirty cables? A bit of this in them, work them a bit, then use regular cable-lube on top, as it's so fine that it goes into the spaces between the cable-wires. Bolts/nuts hard to get off? Back them off a little bit, add a couple drops, run them back in.

It's got a flash point of 517F, and a 4-ball bearing test that says it's the best lubricant in the world.

Its a health certified product by the USFDA and the Canadian Health Department. It's used by the government of South Africa, and many other places.

It's NOT a solvent: it's a lubricant. It does however have inherent cleaning properties on metal. Hence, if you are bringing an engine back that has been sitting for a few years, a few drops into the cylinders, a few drops on the valve seals, a few drops on grommets, seals, rubber or neophrene of any kind: and it works wonders. My dentist (and a few thousand others, I suspect) uses it for his dental handpieces. It's a trade secret. We handle it in our store. One of the only fully certified StraightWings TOP recommendations.

It's called EZ lube OneStep Handpiece Lubricant. The full engineering specs are available at Handpiece Ancillary Products Co. It's comparatively expensive for a can of spray. On the other hand: one can lasts us about 1 year and many bikes. It should last the layperson 5-6 years easily. This is a 5***** product.

Available here at the Straightwings Store .

Metal Cleaning
I've used this for over 40 years: a metal cleaner that does the job. I've been asked on numerous occasion how I get tarnished chrome back to a good finish, or keep good chrome looking really good. Well, it's sometimes not easy when you are working with a 30 year old part, but * AutoSol * makes it easier. I use it for any metal, but if there's a slight mark on paint, I'll use it there as well (1500 grit, with solvent), before the cut-wax. We don't handle this product. We DO recommend it. I don't think I've been without it since 1969. It is excellent. It is available at any decent automotive supply place.
Electrical Contact Cleaner
I ran into this product about 20 years ago, when I needed something to clean the ram-slots on my computer. It was an easy transition to my bikes. It does not dry out, it leaves a lubricating, fully electrically conductive film on any electric contact point, relay, servo, switch or anything else that needs to move and carries electricity. It lasts for years, in situ. I use it in conjunction with EZ lube OneStep when I'm cleaning out control switches. A really great combination. The product is Nu-Trol, by MG Chemicals. I have a radar-tech wiz friend that I introduced this product to. Got cudo's big time. Now I introduce it to you. We don't sell this one either. And, surprisingly, it's hard to find. If you have trouble doing so, let us know, we'll send you a pointer.