StraightWings is a supplier of QUALITY used Goldwing parts.We don't just sell parts and bikes, we ride Goldwings, including Valkyries: just as much as possible!

That's a lot of miles. Riding since '66 adds a measure of experience to the situation: on road, track, and motorcross, with some really heavy duty long-distance travelling. That's just to say: "Been there, done that", and to let you know we know where you are coming from: and we want you to get to where you are going. 'Ride' easy, with StraightWings parts and products.

Starting in 2002, we have parted out many "Wings" (and restored a few which had really good basics), and met a lot of great people, world wide. From repair shops in Argentina to lawyers in Spain, executives and craftsmen from many, many countries. We have supplied parts to clients in every country of Europe, to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, and many South American countries. We don't just talk the talk: we walk the walk, and walk it often. We drive a lot of two-wheeled-miles on the road each year. We KNOW what it's like to have a reliable source for parts. We care, and we serve our clients like we'd like to be serviced.

When you get a Goldwing part from StraightWings you'll know exactly what you are buying before it leaves us.

We have nearly 3000 Vintage Goldwing pieces available, although many are not showing in inventory.

We have a few new accessories, and have access to 600 different new items for all years of Goldwings. If you need something that is not showing as available, contact us, via email (press the'lil contact button!).

Photographs are currently available for most items in inventory (and we'll take pictures of anything we have available upon serious inquiry). All Vintage parts are rated on a grading system, and we are tough on the ratings. It's really tough to find a B+ rating, it has to be a special piece to get that. Click on "Old StraightWings Site" on the menu to read how we rate parts.

We do for "Wingers" as we would have Wingers for us: Straight up. If you want to check our reputation, go to ebay, look up member StraightWings: http://myworld.ebay.com/straightwings/.

We have well over 4000 happy buyers of our vintage parts, a large number of whom who have done business with us many times.

We Ride, and We Care About The GoldWing Folks