Special NOTICE:

We are doing a transcontinental tour starting August 8th, which will be three weeks or more covering a LOT of territory through the USA to eastern Canada and return.

This means that technical and other questions will be answered once per day while at overnight stops via email or text, so may be a little slower than usual. Our main crew will all be away, and shipping WILL take longer so expect delays in shipping. Thanks for your patience, and RIDE SAFELY.




We supply QUALITY used Goldwing parts.

When you get a Goldwing part from StraightWings you'll know exactly what you are buying before it leaves us.

All Vintage parts are rated on a grading system, and we are tough on the ratings. It's really tough to find a B+ rating, it has to be a special piece to get that.

We do for "Wingers" as we would have Wingers do for us: Straight up.

We Ride, and We Care About The GoldWing Folks